Subotica Israelite Community

Name of the building: Subotica Israelite Community
Town, location: 13 Dimitrija Tucovića Street, Subotica
GPS coordinates: N 46.1017, E 19.6620
Date of construction: 1904
Stylistical characteristics: The Hungarian version of the Art Nouveau
Architect: Marcell Komor (1868–1944) and Dezső Jakab (1864–1932), architects from Budapest.
Builder: Subotica Israelite Community
Contractor: The stained glass windows were made by Miksa Róth from Budapest, the pottery facade ornaments and the roof tiles were made in the Zsolnay Ceramic Factory in Pécs.
Monument classification: It has been a protected monument since 1987.

The original function of the building


The building has maintained its original function so far. Between the two World Wars, an oratory hall was established in it. The building is part of the European Art Nouveau Route.

Description and qualities of the building

The Israelite Community’s building constructed in the characteristic style of Komor and Jakab together with the Synagogue and ritual slaughter house form a complex as well as an aesthetic unity. The elements applied on the 1902-built Synagogue, appear in a slightly calmer formation in this building that was raised two years later. The moderately formed facade is just the opposite of the Synagogue considered to be a real gem of the Art Nouveau with its magnificent spectacle. The vast surface of the facade is almost without ornamentations. Rows of windows framed with slightly undulating borders and stylized arched windows reminding us of shell figures create a pleasing rhythm. The attic intertwined with the serpentine red brick strip above the central risalit is, indeed, the sole decoration of the building. By the decrease of the Jewish community, between the two World Wars, the so called ‘Small Synagogue’ was established in it.


Its inclusion in the ‘Gems of the turn of the century‘ Art Nouveau route is also recommended.


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