2019. July 27.

Package 5: Explore the Art Nouveau values of Subotica and Szeged! (3 days)

Tourist package for domestic guests, for all ages (hungarian, serbian)
Bookable: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2019

Content of the package:

Accomodation: In 3 or 4* hotels or guest houses

1st day

10am Meeting in the Tourist Information Office of Subotica

10.30am Visit to the renovated Synagogue (guided)

The Synagogue was built 1902, according to the project of Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab. In addition to its undisputable artistic and aesthetic value, it is exceptional because it is the only Synagogue in Europe which contains elements of the Hungarian Art Nouveau. Typical of this style, floral decoration in the form of a peacock feather, tulips, stylized roses or lilies are represented on the façade as well as in the interior, on stained glass windows and painted walls. The stained glass windows were made in Miksa Róth’s studio in Budapest and façade decoration and roof tiles in the Pécs Zsolnay ceramics factory.

11.30am Visit to the Raichle Palace

Architect Raichle Ferenc chose one of the most beautiful sites in Subotica for his future home and office. Working for himself only and following his heart’s desire, he dismissed all established rules and patterns in designing and created a building that is the envy of many. Raichle Family Palace is the first thing visitors see as they first arrive in Subotica by train, and it immediately dazzles them with its forms, decoration and splashes them with its unusual colors.


12.30pm Lunch in the city center

2pm – 5pm Art Nouveau Sightseeing guided tour visiting Town Hall

Sights: Town Hall, Városháza, Golden Lamb Hotel,  Hungarian General Credit Bank Palace, Dušan Stojković Palace, József Roznofszky Tenement Palace, Austro-Hungarian Bank Palace


2nd day


10am  Art Nouveau Walk in the city center

Sights: Miksa Dömötör Tenement Palace, Subotica Savings Bank Palace, Town Tenement Palace, Simeon Leović Tenement Palace


12am Lunch in the city center and after that traveling to Szeged


4pm – 6pm „A piece of Paris” – guided walking tour 1st part 

During the guided tour we will see the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings of Szeged from inside and outside, as well. The upper middle class luxury palaces reveal their interior pomp: wrought iron staircases, original ceramics and colorful glass windows.

Sights: Beregi House, Deutsch Palace,  Gróf Palace,  Reök Palace


3rd day


10am  Art Nouveau Walk in the Jewish Quarter of Szeged (guided)

New Synagogue in Szeged is a monumental building that already impresses visitors with its dimensions. It is 48.5 meters high and can accommodate 1340 people. The synagogue was designed by the Budapest architect Lipót Baumhorn, author of 22 synagogues in Hungary. Szeged synagogue was built in 1903 and belongs to the Moorish version of Art Nouveau, at the time popular among Synagogue builders and architects in Europe.

The most beautiful part of the Synagogue’s interior is the dome, symbolizing the world. The infinity of the world is represented by a large number of stars scattered throughout the cobalt-blue glass dome, which darkens gradually towards the top. The dome itself rests on 24 pillars, symbolizing the 24 hours in a day.

Sights: Jewish Community Building, House at Jósika Street 14., New Synagogue

12am Lunch in the city center

2pm-4pm  „A piece of Paris” – guided walking tour 2nd part 

Ede Magyar, who died at a very young age, was the star architect of Szeged. In barely 8 years he designed dozens of buildings in the city. But do we know at all where they stand? The guided tour reveals inside and outside the most beautiful buildings of the genius architect who created the Reök Palace.

Állomások: Ungár-Mayer Palace, Trading an Industry Bank, Tedesco House, Goldschmidt House

5pm Traveling to home

Package’s price:

For groups (more than 15 persons):        

 In 3 or 4* hotel: 210 EUR/person

In guest house: 160 EUR/person

Price includes:

meals fee